The strength of the Group, amid tradition and future.

The vocation to maritime trade of four Genoese families is the imprinting of GIP, Gruppo Investimenti Portuali, founded in 1993.
Infracapital and InfraVia – leading European investors in the Infrastructures sector – linked their strategic entrepreneurial vision to these tradition and skills in 2017.
The entry of the new members gives way to a revision of the organisational structure as well as work processes. The new Group structure transfers investments into servicing customers.
GIP sees itself in the next future fully aware of being able to grow and improve, day after day.

Infracapital is the branch dedicated to investments in infrastructure of Prudential Plc, one of the largest global financial services groups: it boasts primary experience in the sector, such as the commitment in ABS Ports, the UK’s leading ports operator.

Growth, in the name of innovation.

The growth of GIP and its leading role in the containerised logistics chain goes along with a process of systems and procedures development, towards advanced logistics solutions.
A new approach and entrepreneurial strategy, combined with organisational integration, allow the various GIP entities to act and dialogue in a Groupbased logic, generating added value.
In an industry undergoing radical changes, the goal is to grow in the quality of services, targeting strategic investments in the geographical environment in which GIP operates.
Innovation is GIP leverage to improve efficiency, in productive terms as well as in environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

InfraVia is a French company specialising in infrastructure, associated with OFI Asset management, whose investment portfolio amounts to € 67 billion.


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