GIP Companies act in the knowledge that the business management processes involve positive and negative impacts at a social, economic and environmental level. The objective IS to implement as many good practices as possible, ensuring a continuous improvement in business management in the medium and long term.

Its Terminals develop first-class service levels to meet customer needs, at the same time committing towards serving the wider community in which they operate.

As part of this process, we mention

• The maintenance of quality and safety standards at levels consistent with those provided by the Annual Plan for improvement, as well as the continued improvement of quality of customer-interfaced services;

• the involvement of stakeholders in the definition and verification of sustainability objectives;

• a continuous improvement of offered services, based on a systematic investigation on customer satisfaction;

• the many initiatives aimed at transparency towards the stakeholders, as well as an increasing involvement and the growing opportunities for dialogue and mutual listening;

• continuous investments on employee trainings, on safety in the workplace and on the inner environment.


• A constant monitoring of energy consumption, in order to consciously evaluate possible alternatives;

• A gradual renewal of the means of production, possibly implementing new “clean” technologies;

• A new relationship with suppliers, verifying the requirements of integrity and compliance with the current environmental legislation;

• A strong and constant attention to climate change-related issues, targeting lower emissions of GreenHouse Gases.


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