Should our Group choose just one concept to focus its attention and investments on, this would be Safety. It comes on top of any financial indicator od KPI.
The Company provides organisational, instrumental and economic resources, with the aim of improving health and safety in the workplace.

GIP Terminals adopt measures necessary to protect the health and safety of workers, including occupational risk prevention, information and training activities,
The same attention is given to all those people happening to visit or transit through the Terminals for job purposes.
This system – in compliance with the oHSaS 18001:2007 international standard – allows to address the issues of security in all existing and future Group business activities, so that:

– Compliance with current health and safety legislation is considered a priority and internal audits are regularly conducted to this end;
– Periodic inspections of work environments are carried out, to ensure compliance with health and safety conditions;
– Training activities are periodically scheduled and, in any case, whenever innovations having relevance for the protection of workers’ health and safety are introduced;
– Information on Company risks is unveiled to all personnel, as well as on the new health and safety procedures adopted and on the initiatives which the Terminal took part in;
– All workers are informed, trained and sensitised to carry out the tasks assigned to them in complete safety;