Safety Campaign.

2019 Safety Campaign.

For GIP, safety in the workplace is an absolute priority and a key element in the activities of both SECH and TDT terminals.
In this perspective, an awareness campaign was launched with messages of immediate visual impact (posters, videos) visible to all of the workers.
Particular attention was drawn on the following aspects identified among the port terminals’ activities:

  • Safe driving;
  • Use of PPE;
  • Compliance with the rules;
  • Perception of risk;
  • Activities on board the vessel;
  • Dangerous goods.

This campaign wants to be a further and important milestone to add to what has been done so far and is aimed at pushing every single worker to adopt safe behaviours for themselves and for the others.
The adoption of a safe behaviour means having acquired a culture of safety, which must not be experienced as a constraint or an obligation, but as a fundamental value for the protection of one’s life and that of the coworkers.
With the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, among other initiatives will be  presented a wall painting created by the Accademia Ligustica delle Belle Arti (i.e. the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts) in the underpass leading to the operations areas of SECH terminal, in an attempt to underline the importance of behaving safe in the workplace.